The solid American walnut is our hallmark. It is a strong and sturdy wood, of high stability and long life. Its appearance is rich in veined structures, dark color with some sapwood (lighter areas) which gives them attractive color contrasts. The wood we use comes from sustainable plantations, which respect the natural cycles of reforestation.


Shellac is a natural organic substance, obtained from the resinous secretion of a small red insect called ” Kerria lac ” which inhabits parts of Southeast Asia. The advantage that differentiates it from other finishes is that it penetrates the wood instead of covering it. We use it to nourish the wood and as the basis for the final finish with beewax.


Our walnut furniture is finished with beewax. This natural product provides protection while achieving an elegant silky shine. Beewax provides a traditional finish used by cabinetmakers for centuries. This finish is more typical of antique furniture than new furniture.


Alabaster is a translucent stone of great beauty and great variety of shades, making each piece unique and unrepeatable. In the past it was considered a semiprecious stone and it was used to carve small sculptures. Due to its translucent properties it has also been used in some churches as a substitute for the stained glass windows.

Gold leaf

Gold leaf is a thin sheet which is obtained on repeatedly hammering the metal. This is applied with extreme care as it is very fragile. Then it is manually hit with a brush on the piece to gild. In our case we also use a more complicated technique that involves crumpling gold leaf while it is implemented, which requires a special skill by the craftsmen. But the result is more exquisite than the conventional gold leaf.