The Concept

To design this collection, we have developed a new system of work. And to better explain its functioning we will use a tree diagram.

First you have to start from something, an idea, a concept in which we can intuit a potential. Then we try to translate that idea into a first drawing. If you look at the scheme, we would be talking about the picture that is at the base of the tree.

From there we improve the idea by performing different versions, up to a point (yellow circle) in which we see clearly that whether you move forward or if you go back it will get worse. If we find that point at which there is no doubt and it is evident that it is the best solution, then it is very likely that we’ve got a good design.

The designs which are fruit of this “evolutionary process” are characterized as “untouchable”, cannot be improved. If we try to modify them, they immediately lose their grace. Therefore it is quite possible that they become timeless.

But despite what it may seem, it is not easy, because it’s likely that we lose ourselves in endless ramifications without actually finding that magic and desired point.

This process is very demanding and leaves a lot of designs, that many companies certainly would not hesitate to make, in the gutter. But our goal is to achieve maximum excellence in design and we will spare no effort.